The process is very different as in the eyes of the law park homes are a chattle and no solicitor is involved. The procedure is laid down in the Mobile Homes Act and the park is now expressly forbidden to be involved.

Once a buyer has been secured then notice is served on the park giving them 21 days to make any objections.

There are only 3 grounds on which a park can object to a new occupier. These are if the buyer does not meet the stated criteria for either the ages of the

occupants, the pets they are proposing to keep, and the vehicles that will be parked. On completion the buyer and seller complete the formal notice of assignment and the buyer serves notice on the park to register the new ownership.

The park are entitled to charge up to 10% of the transfer price as a fee. This 10% is held back from the purchase proceeds and paid to the park owners when the notice of assignment is served.

As agents we will complete all of the paperwork for the transaction for both buyer and seller and serve it as required. No additional charge is levied for this service.


Fees for sale are £1350 + VAT for the normal service.

£1100 + vat for the web only service