Park homes are a specialist type of property.

The rules that govern them are quite different. The terms under which you occupy the home are inserted into the contract between you and the site owner and as they are set out by an act of parliament they cannot be varied by the park.

The terms offer you protected occupancy as well as what is known as “quiet enjoyment” which prevents the park from disturbing your use of the pitch. As well as the terms of the act each park has a set of rules that govern the site.

These can relate to the permitted ages of the occupants, the numbers and types of pets allowed, and the number and types of vehicles that can be parked. The site rules normally ensure that the park is kept in good condition and that any nuisances can be controlled. This is for the benefit of all of the parks occupiers. One of the rules is that the unit must be occupied as the main place of UK residence.

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