Somerset Park Homes are a sister company to Savill Andrews. The park home brand was designed to enable the web site to offer buyers and sellers park home specific information on both the parks and how they work as well as the procedure for buying and selling them.

Our experience in this market dealing with both buyers and sellers has shown us that the more helpful information we can make available the easier the process for everyone.

We offer a traditional service with fully accompanied viewings and we also offer a more web based approach where the property portals generate the appointments and the seller shows the buyer around.

Very often the presence of an agent at the viewing can be useful. We can show the buyer the park as a whole, as well as booking them in to see multiple units at the same time. The paperwork can be daunting for some buyers and sellers and for that reason we will include the completing of the paperwork for both parties as well as serving it correctly as an integral part of the service. Many agents charge an additional fee for this or expect the parties to do it all themselves.